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Welded razor wire mesh


Welded razor wire mesh with Ultra blade profile comes in mesh diameters of 2,1m x 6m.

Welded razor wire mesh with Ultra blade profile is a high quality, modern, very effective hot-dip galvanized fencing used to secure areas with increased security requirements and surveillance or areas of limited access. (for example miliatry bases, police departments, miliatry proving grounds, airports, prisons, industry areas)

Concertina razor wire mesh can exist as a single fencing or as an element of complex barriers which consists of Concertina razor wire.

Razor wire mesh - manufactured as an mesh of diameters 2,1m height and 6m length - is welded from parallel oriented hot-dip galvanized ULTRA type sharp wire. Mesh is diamond shaped and the size of 30 cm x 15 cm.

ULTRA sharp wire, used to manufacture razor wire mesh is based on thin steel tape with very sharp blades, which are more aggressive (invasive) than sharp wire of medium and short type. Tape with blades is clenched around resistant steel wire, additionally it is equipped with re-inforcing flange.

Technical data sheet  - razor wire mesh :

  • Unit lenght - 6 mb
  • Unit height - 2,1 m
  • Unit size in square meters - 12,6
  • Mesh single unit size - height 300mm , width 150mm
  • Type of razor wire - ULTRA profile
  • Supporting razor wire - Ø2,5 mm
  • Tape with blades - steel plate, thickness 0,5 mm
  • Hot-dip galvanizing EN ISO 1461 (whole unit).
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