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Eurobarb Security Systems Sp.z o.o company is a manufacturer and a distributor of razor wire products. Eurobarb razor wire is a modern type of barbed wire. It is more difficult to cut, corrosion resistant, resilient and durable.We use it to build hard to breach fencing and engineering barriers. It may be also used to improve existing fencing making it much more difficult to access.

Eurobarb Security Systems Sp. z.o.o uses the best available materials and latest technology during manufacturing process. It makes our products more durable and corrosion resistant.

We are professionals regarding fences, gates and other security systems both mechanical and electronic.

Our company consists of the following departments :

  • welding
  • spot - welding
  • modern powder paintshop
  • The only one in Poland with a razor wire manufacturing line

It meets most demanding customer requirements.

Our gates and fencing are characterized by high mechanical durability, outstanding corrosion protection and modern design.

In order to meet our customers expectations our welding shop also produces fencing elements and steel structures according to customer specification or commissioned projects.

We use high pressure degreasing and phosphating devices. Powder coating is electrostatic during process we use KORONA type coating guns. We use highest quality powders. Our  powder coating is not only in standard colors but also in whole RAL palette range with customized finishing effects according to out coustomers specification.

Maximum dimensions of the coating detail are : width. 0,8m, height. 2,6m length. 6,8m

Our company uses multi point spot welding machine which allows us to weld panels from miscellaneous wires thickness and coils including double horizontal wire, according to customer specification.


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